Char & Jimmy

"Jimmy and I couldn't be happier with everything you did for us. You are one of the hardest working women I have ever met, which was so evident on our wedding day (in that heat!) and on the boat. The pictures came out so beautifully, but the best part to my eye was the artistry with which you put our album together. The images were great, but it was the way you used them and the finished product that actually brought tears to my eyes as we looked at our album. It came out more lovely than I had even imagined. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts. Stay in touch."

Erica & Jeff

"Thank you so much for your energy, creativity, and support before and on our wedding day. Our pictures came out beautiful. Keep doing what you do. You are wonderful and we would love to see you soon to plan the book!!"

Grace & Keith

"Thank you so much for coming down to NYC to shoot our engagement photos! We love how they came out and we are so excited to be working with you!"

Jill & Will

Hi Carrie!

We love the photos soo much!! U did such a fab job :) Thank you!! Can't wait to for our wedding!

Talk soon.

Love, Jill

Karin & Greg

OH MY GOD!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE them, I LOVE did an incredible job capturing our day.

WOW...I am sitting at my desk crying!


Laura Garcia

Upon meeting Carrie I knew instantly that she was going to be our wedding photographer. She exuded positive energy and excitement and I just knew I wanted this person around me on my wedding day. Carrie made the process of taking our engagement and wedding pictures as enjoyable as seeing the finished product.

Our engagement shoot was a blast in New York City - she made us feel so comfortable in front of the camera and even kept my (then) fiance entertained through the whole day. It was more of an adventure than a photo shoot and the gorgeous pictures truly capture that. After seeing the engagement pictures, I was even more confident that Carrie is simply the best.

Our wedding day was a long, hot day in August and when I say Carrie worked herself to the bone I mean it. There was not a shot missed - every time I turned around she was capturing each special minute. With over 1000 photos from that day, the hardest part of this whole process was narrowing them down for the wedding album. Looking through her stunning images brings me back to that amazing day - with every detail and moment captured beautifully.

The combination of capturing the most breathtaking images of our wedding, along with being such a joy to work with is what sets Carrie apart from the rest. You simply want someone like her around you on your wedding day. Now Carrie is not only our photographer, but a friend and I couldn't recommend her more highly.

Love, Laura Garcia (Bride)

Raina Dawn Events

"I can not rave enough about Carrie Rodman Wedding Photography. As a luxury Event Planner in the industry and working on the most high end weddings in the Newport, RI area, there is not only a quality in the photography and workmanship of Carrie's work and products, but a personality that is not only sweet, wonderful and understanding, but genuinely caring and excited for her clients! She has photographed some of our most luxurious weddings and top notch clients who have also all been over the moon with their experiences and photographs of their weddings and final products.

Carrie also goes above and beyond to assist clients throughout the planning process, discussing either with planner or our clients what they are looking for, asking for inspiration photos they like, reviewing timelines, and locations for photographs, coordinating with us planners or client the timeline questions and concerns, and reviewing all of the shots and information she can possibly obtain to get all the photos a client is looking for, all of which is worked on throughout the typically year long process of planning with our clients.

Carrie also can handle huge bridal parties and have fun with everyone, yet still get all the shots needed. She has an excellent team that she works with and her team is all prepped way in advance on what is expected of them at the wedding and where her shooters/assistants, etc. will be and be shooting.

I have also known Carrie from my days in NYC as a Photo Editor at magazines including Glamour and other top women service magazines at Conde Nast and Hearst, etc. I hired her for fashion and beauty photo shoots and always was the consummate professional, producing gorgeous work.

I can't recommend Carrie Rodman Photography enough, she is always a photographer I present to all my clients for their weddings and from what I know all of my clients who have hired her have been beyond thrilled with their photographs, as well as their experience with her company.

When there isn't a wedding planner involved, she has even called me to ask my professional thoughts and opinions on timelines, locations, etc. to be sure she has everything perfect for her clients. I often tell her that is not her job what she is doing, as she goes above and beyond, but actually that is the job of a wedding planner or the client to figure out their timeline, etc. She can guide them, but no, she will take it to the next level and walk through every little detail with them, make calls to locations, etc. to be sure that she can get the best possible photos she possibly can that day.

Anyone who hires Carrie Rodman is extremely lucky to have such a wonderful, caring and extremely talented wedding photographer on their wedding day and throughout the process!"

Sara & Zac

Carrie Rodman and her staff are incredible and so easy to work with. We began our search for a wedding photographer in Newport with the thought that we would be getting married there. When my husband and I came across her website we were amazed by the pictures. Our first meeting was great. Carrie's personality is what finally made our decision. She was professional, funny and we clicked right away. We were able to talk by phone, exchange emails and even have meetings at her house to plan our special day. When the date and location of our wedding changed part way through our engagement, Carrie stood by us and offered to travel with us to Martha's Vineyard. Carrie was so accommodating and went above and beyond what I expected. Our engagement session was well over the 1 hour that I thought it would be which meant we could go to different locations for variety. The day before our wedding, Carrie and our second photographer took the time to scope out locations around the island for pictures as well.
On the day of our wedding my husband and I felt as though Carrie additionally took on the role of planner as she made everything happen...even driving us in her car to the reception when our transportation didn't come for us! Having two photographers was ideal and our pictures came out amazing. There were so many special moments from that day that I can remember perfectly by simply looking at my pictures. The hard part will be deciding from the hundreds of pictures exactly which ones we want to put in our album! Carrie Rodman is well worth the price. I recommend Carrie Rodman Photography to anyone out there searching for a photographer!

Love ~ Sara & Zac

P.S. Carrie, Just had to send this along to you...I've spent the day with Zac's mom and she just finished telling me how much she loved you. It takes a lot to impress this woman, but she was so impressed with your professionalism and how unobtrusive you were on the day. Actually, I don't think I've ever heard her compliment anyone before... She's describing all of the functions she's gone to over the years and you are by far the best! She's saying she would recommend you to anyone and would love to have you shoot her granddaughters weddings. Zac and I know your amazing and just wanted you to know how a guest felt as well :)

x Sara

Susan Stern (Mother of the Bride)

"From the moment Amanda and I met you we knew you were the photographer for her wedding. Your warmth, easy personal style, coupled with your professionalism and magnificent display of your portrait work gave Amanda a total sense of ease and comfort with you. Not until her actual wedding day did I realize just how important the aspect of personal chemistry between Amanda and you impacted the entire experience of her day. I cannot thank you enough for everything; starting with your easy nature which put the entire bridal party at ease. The pre-wedding photo shoot was so much fun for the groomsmen, and you truly captured the gamut of emotion with the bridal party. Amanda’s portraits were romantic and stunning!

The best part of your work for me was how your eye did not miss a thing during the reception, yet you were very unobtrusive to the wedding party and the guests managing to capture so many details and flavor of the night. As host and hostess we could not possibly have taken in everything in the moment. We will cherish and be able to relive the exhilaration and joy of that night through your photographs for years and years to come. We can’t thank you enough. It was a total joy working with you and sharing that very special time with you. Wishing the very best of everything to you Carrie!"

Tom & Gretchen Hayes

"We woke up the day of our Wedding to Tropical Storm Danny but our pictures were amazing anyway thanks to Carrie. She put us all at ease and made us feel comfortable, which is hard to do when there is a hurricane on your Wedding day (a wet knot is a tight knot!!).

Despite the weather, Carrie and her assistant were on time to all locations with their gear ready to go and they barely got to eat lunch because of our tight schedule. All of our guests loved her and many commented on her professionalism and choice of shots. She stayed later than we planned based on the flow of the night and even did a re-shoot with us in the Gardens at Blithewold on a sunny day after we returned from our honeymoon.

We got our pictures back in a timely fashion and LOVED them. There were so many unique shots that we never would have had with a different photographer. We are incredibly happy that we decided to have Carrie photograph our Wedding and we would absolutely recommend her to anyone who wants to capture their special day in an extraordinary way."

Walt & Courtney Buteau

"Carrie’s pictures gave us a unique look from every possible angle and were filled with the fun and spirit of our wonderful day. The only match for her high energy is the energy she captures in her images. If you want someone to say ‘wow’ when they look at your album, Carrie is the best choice."