This past week I travelled to NYC for the wedding weekend of John & Raechel Walker. I met the fantastic couple through former clients, John & Jen Colaneri, who I was fortunate enough to become friends after working with them on their wedding day in Newport, RI this past year {John & Jen are now pregnant with their first child – woo hoo!}  It was great to also work with familiar vendors from Rhode Island, including videographer Chris Walsh of Chris Walsh Productions and wedding planner Galen Limoges. Both vendors were a part of John & Jen’s wedding date as well.

John & Raechel’s wedding vibe was very New York; very urban, industrial chic! We captured some incredible shots of the couple downtown in downtown New York City. One of my absolute favorites of the day, one I like to call the “money shot” was taken atop a water tower on the roof of the Tribeca Hotel. Though I apologize to the Tribeca staff for the potential heart attacks I may have given them to get this shot – it was SO worth it, don’t you agree?! As a photographer, you just know its going to be “that shot” from the wedding when you take it. Nailed it!

A big thanks to John & Raechel for letting me  be a part of their city wedding!

View photographs from John & Jen’s wedding in Newport here

As a wedding photographer I am able to witness and capture some of the happiest moments in a couples life. Working with New York couple, Joanna & Aj was no different. From the moment I ventured to NYC to shoot their engagement session through their big celebration at the OceanCliff hotel in Newport, RI, this couple was fantastic to work with. I am very excited to have this feature in Southern New England Weddings. Take a look at some of the highlights below.

A few of Joanna’s favorite things were seen both in the theme and decor; the color pink here and there throughout (…can we talk about her pink shoes!), her love of the theatre – Playbill programs, their ‘red carpet’ that led to the cocktail hour, and more. It is always exciting to shoot with couples who think outside of the box a bit; those who opt for traditional celebrations with a touch of their personalities can really make for a fun, unique and special occasion to shoot.

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  • Joanna says:

    We had the best experience and time working with you, Carrie. You really made it fun (and comfortable) for both of us, and everyone in our family and wedding party! Also, we love your work and your personality so much! We’re so lucky that you totally “get me”.



















Our summer wedding with John & Jenn Colaneri ended up on Your Tango. Check it out and read the super cute interview with John and his take on love, marriage and his beautiful wife Jenn! Want to see more from the wedding, check them out here.

Looking to see a closer peek at John & Jenn Colaneri’s wedding day that I photographed last summer? Take a look at videographer Chris Walsh‘s awesome same day of edit from the Newport celebration. The remote helicopter footage is AMAZING!!!

Jennifer + John // Newport, RI Same Day Edit from Chris Walsh on Vimeo.

John & Jenn’s Newport wedding is featured in the Spring 2014 edition of INSIDE WEDDINGS- check out my feature here

I am very excited to announce that a wedding of mine is featured in INSIDE Weddings for the Spring 2014 magazine. I photographed Jenn & John Colaneri’s engagement this past year, see here, and was so happy to be a part of their big day last summer.

 John Colaneri, co-host of a few of my HGTV favorites, including Cousins Undercover and Cousins On Call, married his beautiful bride Jenn in Newport, Rhode Island. During the afternoon of celebrating, we visited a few well-known gorgeous Newport locations to shoot some photographs, including 41 North, the Elm Street Dock, Brenton Point, and OceanCliff. The opening image from the magazine spread was taken at the lighthouse at the Hyatt on Goat Island.

John and Jenn- You were a joy to work with from start to finish.   I can’t thank you enough for entrusting me with one of your most special days.  I had so much fun with you both.  Dare I call this work? – It was truly a labor of love for me.  I am thrilled the images are gorgeous but  more important that I consider you friends now.  Getting to know the both of you has  renewed my faith in love:)  I also have to send an extra hug to Jenn’s parents, Jack and Corinne Walker.  You two are a dynamic duo pulling off an incredible event with the help of guru planner Galen Cobb Limoges, aka “G-Money”, I would go into “battle” with you any day HA!
I would be remiss if I didn’t thank my team  Sara, Jamie, and Sesha and newest member Stephanie, for always having my back.  I always say you are only as good as the people you surround yourself with.  So that said, a huge thank you to all the other vendors who worked their magic to create the fabulous atmosphere, decor, and elements for me to photograph. Thank you to Richard, Jordan, and Evan Carbotti from Perfect Surroundings INTL, for transforming OceanCliff into a “modern rustic” fantasy land. Marie & Mark Soliday from Confectionary Designs, the cake was truly a masterpiece.  To videographer, Chris Walsh of Chris Walsh Productions– thank you from one “photo ninja” to another – your remote helicopter footage blew me away; I now have gadget envy! Mitzi Dupre for the Studio, you rocked Jenn’s hair.  Jenni Graham for the Apothecary, the makeup was flawless as usual, you go girl, and to the wedding team at OceanCliff, for making the wedding run without a hitch!


Pick up a copy of INSIDE WEDDINGS Spring 2014 on newsstands now to view the more of their wedding day celebration!

Want to see more shots from the day? View them here

Additional Vendors:
Gown/Veil: Lela Rose
Bridal Salon: Mark Ingraham
Bridesmaid Gowns: Jaehee Bridal Atelier
Catering:  Sweet Streams Chocolate Fountains
Favors: New England Invitations
Headpiece/Hair Accessories: Paris by Debra Moreland
Invitations: Cose Belle
Jewelry: Devon Fine Jewelry & Hartgers Jewelers
Rentals: Brilliant Ice Sculptures
Ceremony: Jesus Saviour Church
Reception: OceanCliff Hotel 


High winds may have wanted to threaten John Colaneri and Jenn Walker’s engagement shoot, but the future Mr. and Mrs. looked absolutely gorgeous at some of my favorite spots in Newport, Rhode Island. Their chemistry was on full display, which makes my job seem effortless.

When I booked their weekend, I actually didn’t know whose wedding I would be shooting. I met the bride-to-be’s parents first, Mr. and Mrs. Walker, and they were so wonderful and thrilled about their daughter’s impending nuptials, I couldn’t wait to meet the bride and groom.  Later on I found out the groom was the co-host of a few of my favorite HGTV shows including Kitchen Cousins and Cousins On Call (too many shows to list them all). Now, I’m the first to admit I am a bit of an HGTV addict.  I have a penchant for home shows.  I fantasize about someone remodeling my basement, crashing my yard and color splashing my world.  But the reality for this girl is, it is never as sexy as the process depicted on TV.  I get the contractor with the bad plumber’s crack handing me a bill. LOL. But a girl can dream and watch her HGTV.  So needless to say, I was excited about booking this gig.

Meeting John and Jenn for the first time at our engagement shoot, I could instantly see their dynamic connection. They were so comfortable with one another and had such fantastic energy, I was able to photograph beautiful shot after beautiful shot with Newport’s picturesque scenery in the background. I absolutely love this shot of John and Jenn at Castle Hill Lighthouse. Jenn, holy stripes Batman! I never had a teacher who looked as stunning as you! You rocked that mini dress – not too many women dare to wear horizontal stripes. LOL.

Given John’s profession, I asked if he had a tool in is car that we could write their wedding date on. I strive to personalize each engagement session by utilizing some element that relates to the couple so I thought it would be fun to incorporate a tool of John’s trade. Thinking he’d pull out a hammer, I almost fell over laughing when I saw the “Enforcer,” a tool he uses for demolition. Perfect! It looked like a “weapon of mass destruction” to me.  We wrote down their wedding date and I snapped this shot of John and Jenn. Something tells me nothing is going to get in this couple’s way!

John and Jenn, thank you so much for taking time out between school, wedding planning and filming to join me in Newport for your engagement session. Not only did I have a blast, I was really impressed with how down-to-earth you both were as well as how you perfectly complimented each other. I’m looking forward to being a part of one of the most memorable days of your lives together – so let the countdown begin!


Getting to know your wedding photographer is one of the most important steps you’ll take to ensure you have gorgeous photos. It’s why I offer complimentary engagement sessions to every couple who book me as their wedding photographer. I find that this is crucial to our relationship. For me, I get to see your interaction with each other and your comfort level in front of a camera. As for you, this is the perfect opportunity for you to see how I work, how I direct you and most importantly, how we work as a team. Just as the bride and groom complement each other, it’s important that we complement each other as well, especially since I’ll  practically be “up your dress” for your entire wedding day.  LOL  We’ll be spending many hours if not a weekend together, so it’s crucial that we have a connection that allows for another level of  trust and intimacy going into your wedding day. When you think about it, I’m shooting the most important day of your life, and this trial run allows us to work out the kinks beforehand while giving  me an edge in capturing the very best images for your wedding

Are you comfortable in front of the camera? Do you know how to position your body? Or do you shy away once you’re in the spotlight? With my background in art direction and production, the engagement session is a great time for me to work with you on your best angles: how you should hold each other, how you should stand to give you a leaner line, how to relax your body, where to put your hands, as well as allowing me to correct any issues I might see (clenched hands, slumping shoulders). That way, when your wedding day has arrived, you’ve already learned the most flattering positions for your body which allows you to be more comfortable with the process. For many of my brides and grooms, when it comes to their wedding day, I can see them auto-correcting themselves as I shoot, and not only does the entire process go by faster, we get FANTASTIC images. I can’t tell you how many guys I’ve converted from self proclaimed “haters” of the camera and awkward in front of the lens when we first began, only to announce after our session that they had fun and enjoyed the experience!

What you wear matters, so dress in something that allows you to feel absolutely amazing. Confidence is key when taking photos; you want to make sure you have something on that you feel great wearing and that doesn’t make you feel insecure. If you’re not comfortable about a certain aspect of your body (aren’t we all!), keep that in mind. Don’t force yourself into an outfit that you’ll be second guessing, it’ll show in the photos. When you feel positive about how you look, your photos will radiate that energy and we’ll have a successful shoot. When you feel negative about how you look, I’ll see it behind my lens. Comfort is key to looking and feeling your best!

Be season appropriate (a sundress when there’s snow on the ground just won’t work for a photo) and bring along items like hats, sunglasses, props, quick changes of clothes and your favorite pet to get the most out of your engagement session. We can be as conceptual and creative as you want, and while I’m familiar with the most beautiful places to shoot your session, I’m always up for a challenge. If there’s something more conceptual you want to try, run it by me. For example, my brother is Director of Pro Personnel for the NY Jets.  We shot his engagement session at the Jets’ training facility and “spoofed” football team scenarios.  Pat and Lex, another one of my couples, love to golf together, so we shot their engagement session on a golf course.  So think of your engagement session as another opportunity to add your personal touch to the images.

When we’re finished, you’ll not only have gorgeous photos that your friends will envy, you’ll be able to  use them for your wedding website,  sign-in book, thank yous and framed around your affair, to name just a few ideas. And we’ll have completed the trial run so that when it comes to your big day, you’ll have a good idea of what to expect so you can relax and enjoy every moment.

Your friend as your photographer? You better think twice! While I know it’s a budget-friendly option, it may not be the best option for your wedding and most importantly, your relationship. If you’re going to have a friend or relative as your wedding photographer, keep these points in mind:

• Wedding photographer OR guest, they can’t be both. If you both understand this concept, you might determine up front that you rather them enjoy him/herself at your wedding instead of working at it. If you do hire your friend as your photographer, make sure they understand their role in your wedding. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard a bride complain that their photographer spent more time at the bar or on the dance floor mingling with guests than capturing their special moments. They were hired to do a job, so make sure they understand that they are welcome to join the party after the job is complete.

• Make sure you have a signed contract. Just like you would have a signed and binding contract with any professional photographer, you need to do the same with a friend or relative. There’s a clear understanding of what’s expected from each party, payment, times and when the finished product should be completed once the wedding is over. Managing everyone’s expectations beforehand is HUGE in preventing a possible disaster.

• When hiring a friend who is a photographer, realize not every photographer is a wedding photographer. I know this because I am a rare breed and am both a commercial and wedding photographer. Honestly, it took me some time to know all the intricacies of covering a wedding, figuring out timing, getting all the details… The sheer volume of shots I take at a wedding far surpasses any commercial or editorial job I have ever done. It is a different kind of pressure that you have to be prepared to handle as well. Most wedding photogs have to be great at taking beauty, candid, detail, landscape, portrait and lifestyle shots. Most professional photographers specialize in a certain genre. So just because they are a great fashion photog doesn’t mean they will be able to capture all of the other elements of your day that are just as important.

• If you do choose a friend or relative, have them take photos of you before your big day to make sure that you are both on the same page. Consider this a trial run for both of you. You get to see how they direct you, comfort level, and if you like the images. That is why I include complimentary engagement sessions in all of my packages. Looking at those photos will help you see if their style matches your style.

• Remember, there is no do-over. So really think long and hard before entrusting one of the most important days in your life to someone other then a professional wedding photographer. Poor planning in this area could cost you more than your wedding photos. It could cost you a friend or a relationship with a loved one if they don’t perform up to your expectations.

There’s a reason why there are photographers and wedding photographers. My production, art direction, contemporary fashion background helps me direct you so that your finished photos tell your romantic story in the best way possible, capturing the love and happiness of that day while incorporating it into the location of your event – whether it be Newport, RI, Palm Beach, FL, New York, or any other wedding destination location.


I’m thrilled to announce that Carrie Rodman Wedding Photography is featured in the latest issue of Inside Weddings – my 6-page spread is on newsstands now!

I was truly honored when Erica and Jon asked me to photograph their Newport wedding last June. After I photographed their engagement session in rival football jerseys, I knew this was a fun couple. It was a pleasure getting to know them and I couldn’t wait for their weekend celebration to start – first stop, the International Tennis Hall of Fame for the rehearsal dinner. Laughter and love encompassed the entire evening, and as the sun rose the next morning, we were all ready for this elaborate affair to begin. Sophisticated details flowed through the décor and enhanced both the ceremony and reception, the latter held in Castle Hill’s new tent, which was exquisitely decorated in crème brûlée, blush, pastel pink and muted green hues.

It was also my first time shooting fireworks for a wedding, and I have to say I was a bit NERVOUS! Vanessa (Erica’s Mom) told me that she was gifting the couple a surprise fireworks display to be set off on a barge in front of Castle Hill. Determined to capture this amazing present from Vanessa, I enlisted two of my second shooters, Jaime and Sara, and we quietly set up (in absolute darkness I might add!!) and readied ourselves to shoot this moment from every angle. It was nerve-wracking since we didn’t know exactly where the fireworks would go off in the sky and were pretty much shooting blind. I actually had to quickly move once they started as I wasn’t at the right angle. But on my second attempt I found the perfect spot and the entire experience was AMAZING! I’m always up for conquering a challenge, and as I look back at the photos, I’m so thrilled we were able to beautifully capture Vanessa’s present for Erica and Jonathan. The picture below says it all!

I also want to thank the fabulous wedding professionals who made this wedding simply spectacular! You baked, beautified and decorated down to the very last detail – and I think we can all agree that the end result was breathtaking!

New Leaf Hair Studio – The bride and her bridesmaids looked like magazine cover girls. Mark Ingram Atelier – Erica’s Carolina Herrera’s wedding gown is so uniquely beautiful and absolutely glamorous, and what girl wouldn’t love the Jimmy Choo heels underneath. The Dressy Group – those pastel pink gowns were stunning, a perfect fit for each girl. And let’s talk about the sparkle from Michael Herman Fine Jewelry – I love your gorgeous jewels! Confectionery Designs – you had me fooled with those flowers that decorated the wedding cake. I thought they were real! I can’t believe they’re edible (and delicious). Castle Hill Inn – your menu received rave reviews the entire night! Such a scenic venue with amazing views and a beautiful tent to celebrate under after the “I dos.” Raina Dawn Events – all I can say is wow! The entire wedding was elegant, sophisticated and I could tell you truly put your heart into planning this day with Erica and her mom Vanessa. Speaking of elegant, Sayles Livingston Design – you turned the tent into a floral fantasyland. Those floral chandeliers were INCREDIBLE! I’m always impressed with the masterpieces you create. I don’t know anyone else that weaves blankets out of flowers. Occasional Brass & Strings and Beantown Band for Wilson Stevens – it was hard not to join everyone and dance the night away! Exquisite Events – you set the ambiance with romantic lighting each and every time. Rentals Unlimited – classic and beautiful, you never fail to impress me! Regas – the invitations you designed were the perfect way to announce this special affair. And I’m so glad that Mike from Buzz Media Company was there to capture this wonderful occasion on film – such a fun and lively wedding that was truly enjoyed by family and friends.

Congratulations Erica and Jonathan! Thank you for having complete trust in me as your wedding photographer! Wishing you a lifetime of love and happiness that’s as beautiful as the memories of your wedding day!






Sheer elegance was on display when Nicole and Steve were married at Rosecliff Mansion in Newport, Rhode Island.  And now I’m thrilled to announce that Bliss Celebrations Magazine featured Nicole and Steve’s special affair in their latest issue. Seeing these photos in print brings back memories of how fabulous this day was for all who witnessed the happy couple say “I do.” Bliss Celebrations Magazine is on newsstands now, so make sure you check it out!

I’m so impressed with Nicole and Steve’s wedding professionals. Stoneblossom Floral & Event Design – the entire wedding looked fabulous right down to every blush pink, ivory and gold detail. Blackstone Caterers – the guests were abuzz with how delicious everything tasted! Rentals Unlimited – always top notch, perfectly complementing the couple’s color scheme. Confectionery Designs – that cake was almost too perfect to eat, I loved the intricate design that reflected Nicole’s dress – WOW!  And let’s talk about Nicole’s dress from L’elite – stunning!! The bride took MY breath away when I first saw her, so I can only imagine how Steve felt when he saw her walking down the aisle.

Thanks again for letting me be a part of your day! Seeing their happiness again is why I love being a Newport and Palm Beach Wedding Photographer!