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Katie & Andrew Engagement Session

Katie and Andrew met up with me on a gorgeous August day in Newport Harbor for an engagement session on the water. This session was the perfect photography storm—people in love doing something they love. All we had to do was add stand up paddles (also known as SUP), and they were right at home!

Katie’s family lives in Newport, and Andrew grew up in Australia, so it only made sense when they approached me about the engagement session that we had to incorporate the element of water. They wanted to shoot out on paddleboards, since that is one of their favorite things to do together, and I was totally up for the challenge!

We met up at Newport Harbor by King Park to launch the boards and shoot, since the water is much calmer there, and there are plenty of piers and docks for me to get some cool vantage points. The weather was perfect—not too windy—and the harbor gave us a gorgeous backdrop, complete with spectacular views of the Newport Pell bridge, downtown waterfront, Ida Lewis Yacht Club, NYYAC, and Fort Adams! Not to mention the glassy water speckled with all kinds of yachts and other vessels—what more could three water babies ask for?

We had a blast trying to maneuver the boards into different positions, and I loved that they were so patient with all my requests for “drive bys” while I tried to find my angles. I even asked them to hold hands and make out, which is not an easy task while balancing on their SUPs! But they made it look easy and effortless, and we ended up with some amazing “Sunday fun-day” photos.

Katie & Andrew, thank you for being so willing to have so much fun with me! Since I’m raising two water babies of my own, you have inspired me to get my own paddleboard, and I’ll be taking my daughter and Frenchie out cruising around on our SUP!

Katie & Andrew Engagement Session

Katie & Andrew Engagement Session Katie & Andrew Engagement Session Katie & Andrew Engagement Session Katie & Andrew Engagement Session Katie & Andrew Engagement Session Katie & Andrew Engagement Session Katie & Andrew Engagement SessionKatie & Andrew Engagement Session Katie & Andrew Engagement Session

Prior to their Newport RI wedding, Nikki and Greg wanted an epic engagement photo shoot in New York City starting at the Top of the Rock.  So that is exactly what I gave them! We met at the NYAC where we confirmed wardrobe selections and a pop of color for Nikki with a deep red lipstick.  Then we headed out the door on our adventure.  I have lived in NYC for almost 15 years, so I thrive on the energy you immediately feel upon hitting the streets.  I think that is a common thread I share with Nikki and Greg, which is why we “crushed” their engagement shoot.  I knew the vibe they were craving, so we went big straight away.

The Top of The Rock did not disappoint and wowed us with incredible sweeping vistas of New York City. It gave me goosies to see Nikki and Greg dancing above the city they love from above Rock Center. Grand views of Central Park landscape sprawled ahead of us to the north, while stunning views of  landmarks  such as the Empire State Building and all of downtown NYC, lay to the south.  What more could you ask for as an incredible backdrop? Next, walking uptown, we made sure to hit the infamous “LOVE” sculpture on 55th St.  Then, dodging a few tourists along the way, we successfully made it through Central Park.

Nikki and Greg, thank you for trusting me to capture this moment for you in my favorite city. I can’t wait to photograph your wedding at Belle Mer next year!


New York City Engagement Session, Carrie Rodman Photography

Nikki and Greg hail a taxi outside of NYAC.

Carrie Rodman Wedding, Top of the Rock Engagement Session

Nikki and Greg dancing on Top Of The Rock with Central Park in all her glory below.

NYC engagement session, "Top of The Rock" with killer view of NYC landscape

Stealing a kiss with incredible views of Empire State Building and NYC landscape.

NYC engagement session, Top of The rock, Carrie Rodman Photography
LOVE sculpture 55th St in NYC, New York City Engagement Session, Carrie Rodman Photography

NYC engagement session, Top of The rock

Under the stairs by Bethesda Fountain in Central Park.

Central Park, New York City Engagement Session, Carrie Rodman Photography

Ramya & Ashwin's Engagement Party


Carrie Rodman Photography is thrilled to announce Ramya and Ashwin’s Engagement Party is now being featured by  Inside Weddings!

Ramya and Ashwin’s engagement party was a joy to photograph.  It was a 2 day event shot on location in Palm Beach, FL.  The dynamic and multi-talented Trina Chaney-Hoo of The Planning Company, pulled everything together.  She and her team planned and designed the whole event including the fabulous decor.  The first day was a traditional Indian Puja ceremony followed by dinner.

It was an honor to witness a ceremony steeped in tradition with every gesture rich in symbolism.  The colors were so vibrant and alive it echoed the joy of the day. The second day was more of a fun party to celebrate with family and friends.  It was very endearing to see Ashwin fawn over his gorgeous bride- to- be Ramya.  They were so at ease with each other, which made for some spectacular images. Then add the breathtaking location which was Ramya’s family’s waterfront estate, AND yours truly was in photo bliss!

To read all about Ramya and Ashwin’s story and to see more images celebrating their day go to Inside Weddings!



I’m excited to share this shoot with my 2015 couple, Laura and Brian! By the looks of these two shots, you wouldn’t believe the almost gale-force winds we were dealing with on the day of their fall engagement shoot. These two images were from the final round of photos that evening. Laura’s dress was phenomenal; it really popped against the backdrop and looked stunning in this pretty, soft, glowy-dusk light. We may have waited for the wind to die out but by the looks of these images it was totally worth it!

I also wanted to share a few of my pro tips when it comes to booking an engagement shoot with your photographer. Firstly, it’s an amazing opportunity for you to work through any kinks – if you’re holding your head in a funny way, or you’re uncomfortable in front of the camera, it’s a time for us to work through this. It’s an opportunity for me as your photographer to take my time and get to know you both before the big day. These shoots are really a great time for me to engage with you both as a couple – plus you get some great shots for save the dates and future photo albums! These shoots are also helpful if you’re on the fence with a photographer, use it as a “test run”, if you will, to work out any issues before the big day. As your photographer, I want you to have fun, enjoy your day, and ultimately LOVE your photographs.

Another suggestion I have would be to have wardrobe options. Sometimes things happen! Clothes can rip, stains can happen, and weather can pose a threat to certain wardrobe options – and hairstyles! Also, be sure that you and your partners outfits complement each other, and that they don’t contrast one another! Take a look at these two – stunning!

Also, although many people think bright sunshine is best for photos – in actuality, MAGIC HOUR, as I like to call it – overcast first light (after sunrise) and last light (dusk) are the most desirable lighting scenarios for photographers. These times of day produce the prettiest ambiance in photographs and are so flattering on the subjects.

Also, I am a huge fan of quality over quantity. You can take thousands of shots, but sometimes those last few images turn out to be the best; you only need a few amazing shots!

Laura and Brian absolutely nailed this shoot and I am so excited to work with you both in the summer of 2015!

I highly suggest that my clients book engagement shoots for this reason, and also so that you can really

High winds may have wanted to threaten John Colaneri and Jenn Walker’s engagement shoot, but the future Mr. and Mrs. looked absolutely gorgeous at some of my favorite spots in Newport, Rhode Island. Their chemistry was on full display, which makes my job seem effortless.

When I booked their weekend, I actually didn’t know whose wedding I would be shooting. I met the bride-to-be’s parents first, Mr. and Mrs. Walker, and they were so wonderful and thrilled about their daughter’s impending nuptials, I couldn’t wait to meet the bride and groom.  Later on I found out the groom was the co-host of a few of my favorite HGTV shows including Kitchen Cousins and Cousins On Call (too many shows to list them all). Now, I’m the first to admit I am a bit of an HGTV addict.  I have a penchant for home shows.  I fantasize about someone remodeling my basement, crashing my yard and color splashing my world.  But the reality for this girl is, it is never as sexy as the process depicted on TV.  I get the contractor with the bad plumber’s crack handing me a bill. LOL. But a girl can dream and watch her HGTV.  So needless to say, I was excited about booking this gig.

Meeting John and Jenn for the first time at our engagement shoot, I could instantly see their dynamic connection. They were so comfortable with one another and had such fantastic energy, I was able to photograph beautiful shot after beautiful shot with Newport’s picturesque scenery in the background. I absolutely love this shot of John and Jenn at Castle Hill Lighthouse. Jenn, holy stripes Batman! I never had a teacher who looked as stunning as you! You rocked that mini dress – not too many women dare to wear horizontal stripes. LOL.

Given John’s profession, I asked if he had a tool in is car that we could write their wedding date on. I strive to personalize each engagement session by utilizing some element that relates to the couple so I thought it would be fun to incorporate a tool of John’s trade. Thinking he’d pull out a hammer, I almost fell over laughing when I saw the “Enforcer,” a tool he uses for demolition. Perfect! It looked like a “weapon of mass destruction” to me.  We wrote down their wedding date and I snapped this shot of John and Jenn. Something tells me nothing is going to get in this couple’s way!

John and Jenn, thank you so much for taking time out between school, wedding planning and filming to join me in Newport for your engagement session. Not only did I have a blast, I was really impressed with how down-to-earth you both were as well as how you perfectly complimented each other. I’m looking forward to being a part of one of the most memorable days of your lives together – so let the countdown begin!


Getting to know your wedding photographer is one of the most important steps you’ll take to ensure you have gorgeous photos. It’s why I offer complimentary engagement sessions to every couple who book me as their wedding photographer. I find that this is crucial to our relationship. For me, I get to see your interaction with each other and your comfort level in front of a camera. As for you, this is the perfect opportunity for you to see how I work, how I direct you and most importantly, how we work as a team. Just as the bride and groom complement each other, it’s important that we complement each other as well, especially since I’ll  practically be “up your dress” for your entire wedding day.  LOL  We’ll be spending many hours if not a weekend together, so it’s crucial that we have a connection that allows for another level of  trust and intimacy going into your wedding day. When you think about it, I’m shooting the most important day of your life, and this trial run allows us to work out the kinks beforehand while giving  me an edge in capturing the very best images for your wedding

Are you comfortable in front of the camera? Do you know how to position your body? Or do you shy away once you’re in the spotlight? With my background in art direction and production, the engagement session is a great time for me to work with you on your best angles: how you should hold each other, how you should stand to give you a leaner line, how to relax your body, where to put your hands, as well as allowing me to correct any issues I might see (clenched hands, slumping shoulders). That way, when your wedding day has arrived, you’ve already learned the most flattering positions for your body which allows you to be more comfortable with the process. For many of my brides and grooms, when it comes to their wedding day, I can see them auto-correcting themselves as I shoot, and not only does the entire process go by faster, we get FANTASTIC images. I can’t tell you how many guys I’ve converted from self proclaimed “haters” of the camera and awkward in front of the lens when we first began, only to announce after our session that they had fun and enjoyed the experience!

What you wear matters, so dress in something that allows you to feel absolutely amazing. Confidence is key when taking photos; you want to make sure you have something on that you feel great wearing and that doesn’t make you feel insecure. If you’re not comfortable about a certain aspect of your body (aren’t we all!), keep that in mind. Don’t force yourself into an outfit that you’ll be second guessing, it’ll show in the photos. When you feel positive about how you look, your photos will radiate that energy and we’ll have a successful shoot. When you feel negative about how you look, I’ll see it behind my lens. Comfort is key to looking and feeling your best!

Be season appropriate (a sundress when there’s snow on the ground just won’t work for a photo) and bring along items like hats, sunglasses, props, quick changes of clothes and your favorite pet to get the most out of your engagement session. We can be as conceptual and creative as you want, and while I’m familiar with the most beautiful places to shoot your session, I’m always up for a challenge. If there’s something more conceptual you want to try, run it by me. For example, my brother is Director of Pro Personnel for the NY Jets.  We shot his engagement session at the Jets’ training facility and “spoofed” football team scenarios.  Pat and Lex, another one of my couples, love to golf together, so we shot their engagement session on a golf course.  So think of your engagement session as another opportunity to add your personal touch to the images.

When we’re finished, you’ll not only have gorgeous photos that your friends will envy, you’ll be able to  use them for your wedding website,  sign-in book, thank yous and framed around your affair, to name just a few ideas. And we’ll have completed the trial run so that when it comes to your big day, you’ll have a good idea of what to expect so you can relax and enjoy every moment.

Lorena and Nolan are just too cute to be true. Watching them interact was so endearing and I really think we captured some special moments of these two with the Newport Bridge as backdrop! LOVE the shots of Nolan twirling you around in that dress beautiful purple dress Lorena, and your shoes were just SO fierce! So fun working with you both and I am so glad you are happy with the end result as well. Really looking forward to shooting your big day :)

Lorena and Nolan

Lorena & Nolan 1

Lorena and Nolan 2

We’ve got a few sneak peek photos to share with you from another recent engagement shoot in Newport, RI, of a beaming couple, Angela and Steve.  I had such a blast shooting their session and they really are such a fun, sweet couple who are so at ease with each other.  Angela and Steve, your presence as a couple and the energy you have between the two of you is what really resonates in the photos and shines through.  That energy that exists between two people is what I am always trying to capture in my photos, and I feel that it is what really defines who you are as a couple. I think we succeeded here and got some pretty amazing results!  Angela and Steve are the perfect example of what can be achieved when you relax and just be yourselves with one another in front of the camera. And with a beautiful location and a beautiful happy couple, what more could you possibly ask for? Angela and Steve, I’m happy we were able to achieve what you were looking for :)  So without further adieu, a few of my favorites to share with you…


Angela and Steve 1
Angela and Steve 2
Angela and Steve 3
Angela and Steve 4

A new engagement session sneak peak to share with you this morning, Laura and Martin, who are just the sweetest, cutest couple ever.  We had so much fun when I recently traveled to NYC to photograph their engagement shoot, walking the streets of West Village and getting some really cool shoots with all the amazing backdrops to incorporate. Perhaps the highlight of the day had to be running into the entire cast of Glee in the streets, what a surprise that was!  It was like we were all going to break out and sing and dance in a Broadway musical or something! Laura and Martin, so thrilled to be working with you guys and can’t wait to shoot your wedding at Castle Hill this summer.  We got some really gorgeous shots of you two as we walked the streets, so now, I’ll share a few of my favorites :)

Laura and Martin-NYC-Engagement-1

Laura and Martin-Engagement-NYC-2

I am so excited to share these photos from a very special engagement session, that of of my very own brother, Brendan & his fiancee Laura! Since my brother is Director of Pro Personnel for the New York Jets and much of his life revolves around the Jets football we decided to have some fun with this shoot and create a sort of “spoof” of the game, which produced some creative and fun shots!  So Brendan, Laura, or Uncle Laura as Ava refers to her, we are working on it ;)  &  daughter Taylore & myself all met up at the Jets indoor training facility, accompanied by the fabulous Parker, their long haired chihuahua for the shoot.

And we certainly had a lot of fun, what a day it was. Perhaps the highlight of the day was its perfect end, completed by an impromptu visit by Jets quarterback Mark Sanchez, which may have just trumped the excitement of the photo session for Laura & Taylore ;) And now, some favorites from the day…love them all!

Two Jets are better than one…


Love this shot…

jets logo


Parker gets her close up…


And don’t be fooled by her sweet face!  Parker may look all cute and fuzzy but the only way to her heart is with cheerios or goldfish.  Once I figured  this out I won her over and finally got her to pose for some photos.

A cute moment… and Laura goes in for a touchdown with Brendan & Parker in hot pursuit…


Team Prophett

The huddle…

team prophet 2

family pig pile…

family pig pile

Taylore goes in for a touchdown!

touchdowntaylore & parker



Game face… and a walk hand in hand…

The fans cheering in the background!  Just could not get over this wall paper.  Love it.


close up

Laura & Taylore, looking forward to welcoming you guys into the family officially!

walking b& w

  • Kelli Davis says:

    Carrie – beautiful pictures!!! You do such beautiful work – but I am sure having such beautiful models help! Looking forward to seeing you at the wedding!
    Kelli (Megan Murphy’s sister – incase you don’t recognize Davis, my married name)

    • carrie29 says:

      Hi Kelli,
      Great to hear from you. It was a labor of love on all fronts. They were good sports letting me art direct and run them around the field. LOL Look forward to seeing you at the wedding!! Send my love to Meg. Thanks for the compliment:) xo Carrie

  • Jenny says:

    Beautiful pictures, Carrie, of beauiful people, Brendan and Laura! We look forward to viewing your wedding album!
    Wishing you nothing but a lifetime of happiness!
    With love,
    Steve and Jenny